Rigid PVC Sleeve

Minimum Order Quantity: 108 Meter

Product Details:

Usage/ApplicationSide Walls,Partition Walls
MaterialMild Steel
Surface FinishingColor Coated
Length6 - 12 Inch
Thickness2 - 5 mm


A Rigid PVC Sleeve, also known as a PVC pipe sleeve, is a cylindrical conduit made of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. These sleeves are used in construction projects to provide a protective and structural covering for pipes or conduits passing through concrete or masonry walls, floors, or slabs.

The Rigid PVC Sleeve offered by Padmavati Engineering is designed to ensure the proper installation and protection of pipes and conduits. It acts as a barrier between the pipes and the surrounding concrete or masonry, preventing any damage or corrosion that may occur due to contact with the construction materials.

The PVC Sleeve provides a secure and watertight seal, maintaining the integrity of the pipes and preventing any leakage or seepage of fluids. It also allows for easy maintenance and repairs in case of any future requirements without the need for major concrete or masonry work.

Padmavati Engineering specializes in manufacturing and supplying construction-related products, and their Rigid PVC Sleeve is specifically designed to meet the needs of the construction industry.

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