Rebar Safety Cap

Minimum Order Quantity: 800 Piece

Product Details:

TypePull-Push Caps
Size10 to 32
Neck Size10 -32
Plastic MaterialLDPE
Packaging Size108
Packaging Typebag
Surface Finishingsmooth
Cap Size10 to 32


Use for safty Easy to fitting on 10 to 32 mm rebar Rebar caps are used to cover exposed Portion of Threaded as well as Non-Threaded Rebar. It serves Dual Purpose of Preventing Injuries to the workers if they accidentally fall over it and it prevents protection against Dust and Corrosion to Rebar on Construction site.

Additional Information:
Item Code: 88
Production Capacity: 800000
Delivery Time: as stock

The Rebar Safety Cap is a product offered by Padmavati Engineering designed to enhance safety measures during construction projects involving exposed rebars. The cap is placed on top of the rebar ends to prevent accidental injuries, such as impalement or tripping hazards. It acts as a protective cover, shielding the sharp ends of the rebars.

By using the Rebar Safety Cap, construction workers and others on the job site can avoid potential accidents caused by coming into contact with the exposed ends of rebars. It provides an additional layer of safety and helps ensure a secure work environment.

Padmavati Engineering is a company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying construction-related products and solutions. Their Rebar Safety Cap is just one example of their offerings aimed at promoting safety and efficiency in the construction industry.

If you need more specific information about the Rebar Safety Cap or any other product or service provided by Padmavati Engineering, I recommend visiting their website or contacting them directly for further assistance.